Noosa business urges Covid fairness on government.The Noosa Chamber of Commerce has written to Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk to express great concern at the ad hoc approach to providing financial compensation to Noosa businesses as a result of the need to comply with Covid lockdown orders.“Financial compensation has been insignificant compared to the cost incurred by the business community,” said Ralph Rogers, Interim President of the Chamber.“Whilst the Queensland Government has imposed these restrictions, it has failed to fully acknowledge or compensate affected businesses that have been directed not to trade or to severely minimise their trade.”Mr Rogers said by government order many sectors, like accommodation providers and tourism operators, were not compensated at all while major retailers were allowed to trade.“It is the view of the Noosa Chamber of Commerce that this fails the compact government is asking the business community to enter into, which has practical and moral dimensions,” he said.He said the government needed to embed into legislation matters such as compensation and the methodology and timing of payments.“The moment government imposes restrictions, it must immediately trigger appropriate compensation to affected businesses,” he said.Mr Rogers also urged the Premier to ensure a level playing field between major retailers and the specialty retail sector.“If a haberdashery store, specialty furniture store or photo shop are forced to close, so must their bigger direct competitors like Lincraft, Ikea, Harvey Norman and Officeworks,” he said.“Anything less fails any test of fairness and demonstrates to the broader community that the government is not treating all businesses equally.”Mr Rogers said the government did not seem to comprehend the extent to which the livelihoods of businesses were impacted by current legislation.“People are struggling, families are struggling,” he said.“We anxiously await the Palaszczuk government’s immediate recognition of the severity and unfairness of this situation and your immediate steps to remedy this situation.”-END